Welcome to The Hungry Caterpillar Cafe

We hope you enjoy looking round our website and that you have visited or visit our café soon.

A long time ago in a land not too far away, a beautiful friendship was made and a dream was born.
In a little town called Long Eaton, 2 women were very sad when they realised they had very few places to take their little Princes and Princesses. They searched and searched for somewhere that provided everything their hearts desired. Somewhere to eat, that was healthy but on occasion could provide a tasty treat. Somewhere to relax, where little ones can be both bottle or breastfed. A place where tantrums, crying and wobbles are not frowned upon.
Katy and Kate (our heroines of this story) had searched and searched, but alas they arrived home, head in hands, hungry tummies and children who cried and cried. They sat down in a heap, exhausted and frustrated, when suddenly, with a twinkle in their eye, an idea was born.
This idea was of a place, a place parents and carers dream of, where children are happy, where they can laugh and play and parents can actually sit, relax, talk and be heard! There would be table service, so queuing with babes in arms would be no more! A place to feed babies (from breast or bottle) without judgement, delicious drinks and food and the all important space for little ones to play. Katy and Kate were very excited, the ideas kept flowing, a baby boutique and community hub for pre and post natal groups could be added too!
Their dream was to help mummies, daddies and carers everywhere. To provide a fun, happy place where laughter would be had, friendships would be made and bellies would be full. So here is where our story really begins, the story of The Hungry Caterpillar Cafe…