The Butterfly Boutique


Once upon a time there was a beautiful little store called the Butterfly Boutique. In there it hid all kinds of wonderful treasures. Many of them handmade by makers who were both local and faraway. Gorgeous gifts such as handmade clothes, keepsake bears and blankets, teething jewellery, cards, precious jewellery and so much more. Snuggled in between a café and community hub, it was a very happy little shop with a very happy little owner, her name is Lisa. Lisa loved people and she loved treasure. She was at her happiest when she could help others, she especially loved helping people find their own piece of unique treasure. Helping others was her passion. Her little boutique wasn’t just any old shop. It was a magical little place, a place for crafters and makers to showcase their amazing gifts and a place for people to come and buy.

Everyone is welcome at the Butterfly Boutique.



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